Funding agreed for Visiting Service

Local NHS commissioners OCCG (Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group) have now agreed terms with PML for the continued provision of the Primary Care Visiting Service . This service will continue in its current form, operating from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm.

The Visiting Team covers four PML Federation localities; NOxMed in North Oxfordshire, OneMed in North East Oxfordshire, WestMed in West Oxfordshire and ValeMed area covering parts of South West Oxfordshire.

Primary Care Home Visiting and support teams assist GPs to respond to requests for urgent same day home visits. The aim is to provide a more responsive service, to visit in a timely manner rather than waiting until the GP has finished their appointment session, and to identify early support before their condition deteriorates and they need to be admitted to hospital. These services are provided in the patients’ own home, general medical practices and community health facilities across Oxfordshire.

The Primary Care Visiting Service is made up of a team of emergency care clinicians working closely with GP practices and other community health and social care services. The team provide urgent home visits to the elderly and housebound, patients in care and nursing homes, and those in rural areas. This service was initially provided in North Oxfordshire and was rolled out across the PML Federation localities in Oxfordshire during 2016.

The aim is to identify the need for early support before a patient’s condition deteriorates and they need to be admitted to hospital.

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