IT Services


We are currently expanding the range of IT benefits we offer to members of the PML GP Federation.


We recently offered practices PAT Testing of electrical items at a discounted rate and from practices that took up this offer, we saw savings of up to £300!

We have an approved and trusted supplier that is able to offer discounts to Federation members when your PAT Testing and Medical Equipment Calibration is due for renewal. We have seen significant savings at our Central Office and practices using this system.

How to redeem this offer:

Contact TAG Medical directly to discuss your practice requirements:


At the PML GP Federation we understand that integrated telephone services are not only key to working together, but can also create efficiency savings for all members. Telephony was recently identified in a number of the new locality plans as having potential to improve the functionality of Federation services and GP Federated Neighbourhoods.

You will recently have received a survey from us on email (July 2017), aiming to understand your current Telephony systems. Once we receive the results back from this we will work collaboratively to investigate the next steps.

We recognise that an investment in a new telephony system represents a major capital/contractual commitment for a practice and that any convergence in terms of system type will therefore only be achieved over time and when aligned to the normal replacement cycle for such equipment.


MJog is a fully automated text and email messaging service designed to reduce no shows, and uptake of clinics such as flu vaccinations, by allowing a fast and easy stream of communication between you and your patients.

We recently offered practices the opportunity to work together to receive significant discounts as users of this system. With the level of uptake we had, we were able to secure a discount of 13.5% off your usual fee.

Should any practices wish to join this scheme at a later date there will need to be a group of at least 5 before MJog will take any additional participants onto the group scheme.