As part of our efforts to deliver real savings to your business we have built relationships with three purchasing groups, detailed below. These purchasing groups provide a similar service, however, we know that having a choice about who your work with and who you use to supply equipment is important to the independence of your business.

The purchasing groups may require a monthly fee for the services they provide, and it is for the individual practice to read and understand the terms and conditions of participation before placing orders.


Caradoc Medical Services:

What do they say?

“Caradoc negotiates competitive terms with suppliers and then provides you with full contact details, any terms and conditions for each supplier and you do the rest. You continue to place your own orders and pay the suppliers for goods as normal. The only difference will be more competitive pricing you receive as a Caradoc member.”

“There is no obligation to buy from Caradoc Suppliers. However, Caradoc has worked hard with suppliers to get negotiated pricing and special offers. Our suppliers are committed to providing our members with the highest quality products and services at competitive prices. Strength in Numbers of the buying consortium means the more members take advantage of our exclusive terms the more negotiation power we have to save you even more money.”

How to register:

  • In order to register to use Caradoc Medical Services, you will need to:
  • Register on their website, by clicking the link below.
  • Once you have received your password your practice will be able to view Caradoc approved suppliers and some example price lists.
    • Your password also enabled you to have access to a members area of the site with detailed information of supply options.

You will continue to place orders directly with the suppliers, but by quoting ‘Caradoc Buying Consortium’ with all orders, you will receive improved terms and pricing for many products.

Visit Caradoc Medical Service website

The Surgery Network:

What do they say?

“Our platform integrates all suppliers into a single portal. Because we are representing hundreds of surgeries, we can negotiate the best possible prices. As well as saving you money, we save you time by not having to continually check prices.”

“Our support team are always on hand to help source difficult to find items and deal with issues, saving you further time.”

“When surgeries start using our system they typically save 20% – 40% on the cost of their medical consumables, stationary, facilities and IT consumables.”

How to register:

  • You can register directly with My Surgery Network through their website, below.
Visit The Surgery Network website

Purchase Direct:

What do they say?

“Most cost-reduction consultancies ask for 50% of your savings without considering a long-term partnership. At
Purchase Direct we understand that you are the customer and that the lion’s share of the savings must go to you.
Our charges are based on the work we do for you, not on the savings you make. We have customers saving 25 times
our fees and that makes us proud and our customers VERY happy.”

Testimonial: Laura Halls, Practice Manager at Ludham And Stalham Green Surgeries
“I have found Purchase Direct to be efficient, professional and extremely helpful. They have identified cost savings for us and also help with ad-hoc quotes for equipment, furniture and services. They respond quickly and demonstrate an excellent knowledge of the needs of the healthcare sector.”


Purchase Direct have an operating fee of £100 per 10,000 patients pro rata.  For example, if a practice as 9,000 patients, the fee is £90 and if they have 11,000 patients, the fee is £110.

However, there is a guarantee in the contract that states that they will identify a minimum of 3 times the annualised fee in savings within the first 6 months of the contract (for example, a surgery of 10,000 patients = £100 per month x 12 months x 3 times guarantee equals a minimum of £3,600 identified savings) otherwise the contract can be terminated at that time.

How to register:

  • You can register directly with Purchase Direct through their website.