PML provides a number of valued health services to diverse local communities within Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. Whether working directly with patients and clients or as part of the ‘behind the scenes’ team, all of our staff strive to provide a professional caring and efficient service. PML has a highly skilled and dedicated workforce delivering high quality healthcare for our patients.

Working at PML can be immensely rewarding, whatever role you are in. Everyone counts, and are valued for the part they play in making the company a successful provider of primary care and community services.

We aim to support and develop employees in their role so that they feel confident to undertake the responsibilities placed upon them, and we are continually looking for motivated and innovative staff to join our teams.

Dr John Harrison,


GP services

We run a Health Centre in Banbury, with ancillary services and we take on additional GP services as opportunities arise. Banbury Health Centre is open seven days a week, every day of the year, including all public/bank holidays.

Hospital at Home

We provide rapid community assessment and intervention to people in their homes to avoid hospital admissions and facilitate discharge from hospital. Hospital at Home teams work closely with hospitals and GP practices to facilitate early discharges by supporting patients and continuing treatments initiated in hospital after they have returned to their own homes.

Collaborative Care services

We provide proactive assessment and support to people with long-term conditions and their carers; promoting independence at home and preventing unplanned admissions to hospital. The collaborative care teams are tasked with assessing patients predominantly with long-term conditions and complex medical needs, to help and support them to manage their condition and prevent unplanned hospital admissions. This support includes education, referring to other agencies and supporting carers looking after these patients.

Neighbourhood Access Hubs

We provide urgent same-day appointments for patients as an alternative to an appointment at their own GP practice. The aim is to provide access for same-day needs while relieving GPs of the pressure of providing mainly reactive care for minor illnesses. This helps GP practices meet the increasing demand for urgent appointments and enables them to have more time for planned care.

Counselling services

PML provides counselling services in partnership with Oxfordshire Health NHS Foundation Trust and Oxfordshire Mind. As part of TalkingSpace Plus, PML counsellors work with people who are struggling with mental health issues such as depression and who may be affected by life issues and anxiety related problems. Counsellors work to help reduce risk and support people to develop ways of coping and ways of understanding their situation at a difficult time in their lives. There will often be goals to aim for, such as a return to work, or improved personal relationships, or to start to enjoy life more.

Primary Care Visiting Service

The Primary Care Visiting Service is made up of a team of emergency care clinicians working closely with GP practices and other community health and social care services. The team provide urgent home visits to the elderly and housebound, patients in care and nursing homes, and those in rural areas. The aim is to identify the need for early support before a patient’s condition deteriorates and they need to be admitted to hospital.

Collaborative Care Hub

Nene Clinical Commissioning Group contracts with PML in South Northants to provide a service which includes reviewing those patients aged over 75 who are also in the top cohort of patients at risk of hospital admission as well providing checks to those patients over 75 who are rarely seen in the surgery.